OUR projects

Our projects

AVOUNIVERSE is a digitized life that reflects and complements the real world, Providing additional opportunities for the development of creativity and earnings.  A digital world that is not limited by the framework of state regulation, territorial boundaries, the world of freedom.


Our project involves the creation of interconnected platforms that provide an opportunity to create and access AVOuniverse objects  that have the same uniqueness as real objects and are supplemented with intrinsic value.  AVOCADO BLOCKCHAIN GROUP has already launched the first platform of the NFT marketplace of objects of author’s creativity on which artists, musicians, performers and other creative figures can fix their rights to their own works and transfer them without taking into account distances and boundaries.


Signum Soulbound (SBT), vel signum non—transferabile, genus est dignissim NFT quod in uno exemplari editur et in aeternum ligatum ad unam clausuram electronicam
SIGNUM SBT transferri vel mitti non potest ad aliam inscriptionem clausuram. Signum non transferbile semel tantum editur, et solus dominus inscriptionis accessus ad illud habet. Signum non-transferbile est pars directionis Technologiae Web3 et elementum connectens inter utentes, officia impedimenta ET DAO SBT media fiet ad confirmandam identitatem, quaelibet alia notitia a domino suo, avatar ID in AVOUNIVERSE


The AVO token is  a tool that allows you to combine the AVOuniverse community and the means of access to it. 95% of the distributed and blocked emission of tokens suggests that the project is designed for a long time and its founders do not count on short-term benefits and even more so on deception.

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